Saturday, December 1, 2007

Construction Continues The Floor Men

The Construction Continues Well it is Saturday Morning , and no construction has taken place this week, which is just as well because with my dogs here it would have created a problem . So the hard wood floor men are supposed to come today and repair the floor where the wall was between the den/kitchen and living room. They came by late yesterday to look the job over and see just what needed to be done and it was decided that to make the new blend in with the old hard wood floor in the living room the best thing to do was to refinish the floor in the living room. I am sure that would look the best , it would also cost more. As any job that you undertake it always runs more than originally plan , so it is with this job. Delores and i ( you noticed that is with a small i) decided that the best plan was to have the whole room refinished. The only question was the time element . We would like to have it done while they were here, but they have jobs line up till the 10th of December and that will be pushing the Christmas season . Delores likes to have the Christmas tree up by now. Or will can wait and have a mix match floor till after Christmas. We are pretty tire at the present time of having the house torn up and are ready to get the furniture back in place and the house back to normal . We will make that decision this morning when the workers arrive . Stay tune.... to be continued.....

Thursday December 6th
The floor men are back to repair the floor after a few days of will be there won't be there . The job did not take long and went about as well as could be done with the problem of two different height floors . The old den floor is about 3/4 of an inch higher than the living room and that is a lot to make up in a 4 inch span. So now wait till Monday to start the refinish of the hard wood will keep you posted...
Wednesday December 12th
Well I think the floor is finished the men put the last coat on the floor yesterday and came back this morning and finished the trim around the room with 1/4 round. It looks good and as for the job I will not comment . Did have some issues with the job , but decided that I was tired of the house being in a mess . Was glad to get them out of here so thing can get back to normal. With just 2 weeks till Christmas we have a lot to do . So tomorrow it is putting the furniture back ,
and getting the Christmas tree put up. Will start a new post tomorrow on the Christmas season..
and will come back later when all the details of construction is finished...

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