Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Christmas Season

Well tis the Christmas season, The Halls are a little late getting started this year due to some construction that has been on going for the last month . That is about finished now or near so that we have started putting up the Christmas decorations . My main job is to get the decorations out of the attic and garage and putting the lights on the tree. Delores (Mema) puts the ornaments on the tree. Mema also has a collection of Byers Carolers dolls that she displays on the mantel and other locations around the house. A few years ago Mema was in to ceramics and one of the things that she made was numerous Old World Santas that she also uses to decorate the house with.. Today that is about all we did worked the house over getting it into the Christmas look. So I guess some more shopping and then get ready this weekend for the Christmas dinner . Our son Terry and our daughter -in -law Suzanne will be here with the two grand boys Christopher and Andrew , also our daughter Cindy and our son-in-law Rick will be here . Granddaughters Ashley and her boy friend Will and Kerrie and her husband Jerry. We also look forward to having a family friend Larry here , Larry is just like one of the family and has gave us the pleasure of sharing Christmas with us for the last number of years. Usually there are several more that show up.. We all have the Christmas meal and then spend time opening out presents... Will keep you posted on the post Christmas events . So The Halls wish one and all a very Merry Merry Christmas .. And let's all pause and take time to remember the
ONE who is the Reason for the season. So hope all of you have a Christ like Christmas.

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