Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

Look at all those presents , hope a few are for me.
Ashley , Andrew, Terry and Cindy
Suzanne,Andrew and Terry
Ashley, Suzanne, Andrew, Terry and Kerrie
Mema and Terry . Look at all those presents , they must have been good all year.

Christmas , what a wonderful time of the year. Some people say that Christmas has been too commercialized and I guess in some respects Christmas has with all the buying and gift giving . I guess we do . On the other hand Christmas is the one time of the year when all the families try to be with each other , which I think is good. Our family get together at our house around 12 noon on Christmas day after our children have had Christmas morning at their homes. Cindy , Rick and Ashley arrived here about 11am . Cindy and Ashley got busy helping Mema with the dinner . Soon Terry, Suzanne , Christopher and Andrew arrived . Then Kerrie and Jerry arrived. We had dinner and then opened the presents . They all left soon after that . They all had other stops they had to make.. They all said they would come back later which they did. Christopher and Haley Christopher,Terry,Andrew and Suzanne
It was a good day which Mema and I enjoyed very much and look forward to each year. So I think you can buy presents and enjoy dinner with family and also remember and give devotion and honor Christ on the day we call Christmas.

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RACK ROOM said...

You're a great writer! Another one of your hidden talents? I love reading your BLOG. I just stop by from time to time to check it out. I agree we had a great Christmas!
Love Ya,