Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve Ritual ... The Things We Do Ever Christmas Eve

Mema shopping at Walmart Christmas Eve morning.
Leaving the Waffle House after breakfast
Sam Evatt good friend and my haberdasher( as they were called years ago) .

Well for several years now Mema and I have done the same thing every Christmas Eve .

We start with a quick trip to one of the stores here in town. This morning we decided to give the Walmart in Boling Springs the honor of our time . Now very seldom do we have to buy anything but we go and look and if Mema sees (what she thinks is )a bargin we will buy it . Mostly we are just looking around and looking at the people as they go about their last minute shopping. This store usually takes about a hour of our time then it off to get a breakfast somewhere. We picked a Waffle House in the same area as the Walmart this morning. After we left the Waffle House we stopped by a local grocery store where we picking up two trays of food for a friend of ours that is home bound recuperating from back surgery . We spent some time with them helping her to get her ham and turkey in the oven. After that we went to a sporting good store on the west side of Spartanburg . Mema did buy me a pair of running shoes there. While we were in that part of town we stopped by a friend of ours that has sold me many a piece of clothing over the last 25 years of so. Sam Evatt ( Sam Evatt's Store for Men) a good friend and an expert on men's fashion. From Sam's we went by a local Bible store here called Christian Book Supply where Mema bought some DVDs that she had been wanting. Our last stop was The Big Lots Store which did not take long, but we love to look at all the things they have. Mema headed to the Big Lots Store

After that we went back home and started getting the ham and food ready for tomorrow.

Then about 5 we left to go to a restaurant that we have been going to for years now every Christmas Eve. Guess you might say it is our anniversary dinner . We were married on Christmas day 1955 ,52 years ago. Now each year some and sometimes all the family is there . At times some have other plans . This is a day that we look forward to ..... Merry Christmas to everyone....


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