Sunday, December 9, 2007


The Cottonwood Trail is located on the west side of Spartanburg near Spartanburg High School along the bank of the Lawson Fork Creek. It is maintained by the Spartanburg Area Conservancy (SPACE) . SPACE was founded in 1989by the citizens concerned over the loss of green areas and open scape in Spartanburg County . Initial funding for SPACE was provided by the Spartanburg County Foundation.SPACE is a private not-for-profit land conservation organization.The trail is used by walkers , runners, bicyclist. Cottonwood is about 1 1/2 miles long but, with all the side trails you can make an outing about any distance that you like. I use it mostly for running and any run will pass people running , walking or people just out with their dog. Like this morning when I ran into Mr. J. Gallagher and his dog Precious . At other times you will be out there by yourself. Just the slight sound of the creek rippling along , a squirrel rustling the leaves , birds winging it to their nest,a hawk in hot pursuit of a small duck darting in and out of the curves of the River this morning he or she as the case might be was lucky and foil the attempt of the hunter and was spared to fly another day. The woodpecker pecking away on the old tree that stands out in wetlands over which runs a foot bridge from which I was observing him busy at work . They say that the woodpecker is looking for bugs and other insects , but I think sometimes that red headed rascal is just making music with his rat-tat-tat for all to hear. Here are a few shots from the Cottonwood.

Recycling at its finest..good use of an old power tower

Nice smooth trail good for running or bicycling .


RACK ROOM said...

How far did you run? Like the pctures.

Gaines said...

Just 3 miles this morning , was taking pictures , an easy outing. Pop