Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Construction Is About Finished

Preparing for a days work...

Bob hard at workWell the construction has enter the last days I hope. Bob a neighbor of ours has taken the job of painting the parts of the house that we feel like needs to be painted to finish the construction or the destruction of the wall that stood between the den/kitchen portion of our house. This project started a week or so before Thanksgiving and is about to be finished here the second week of January, but having this kind of work done you learn not to get in a hurry , just sit back, take a good breath and wait. When you are dealing with , the contractor and he has sub contracted the electrical , the cabinet work, and the floor work , you learn to be patient , because they work on their time table not yours . This will be the last blog on this venture. I will show picture from the start to finish. All in all I guess the job went on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it an 8 so which is not bad for this kink of project.
Before Mema's Dolls in the living room side of the wall
Before the Den /Kitchen wall
After the wall is removed from the Living Room side.

After from the Den/Kitchen Side

So after about 2 months of the house being upside down we have decided to take a few months off from the construction business and give it a rest. We still need to do some (or have some ) work done on the hall , but that can wait till spring when we can get outside while most of it is going on... So until then will see you in the Spring.... on the next home improvement venture.


RACK ROOM said...

Who's the chick on the tube. what Are you watching.

Jerry & Kerrie said...

I think it the house looks lovely.. It was worth the wait!!!
Love ya Kerrie