Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gone to the Dogs (or a week with the dogs)


Gretchen and Bit Well Cindy and Rick left on a cruise Sunday , so Delores and I are Dog sitting for a week.Now these are not just three dogs... These are Three Dogs.... One big and I mean big is Lexie a Boxer and all muscle and she does not know when to stop playing . I think she would retrieve a tennis ball as long as you could throw it. she will also knock you down when she is greeting you by jumping on you standing on her hind legs and look you in the eyes... She is all dog.Next we have Gretchen a little long haired Dachshund , she is getting a little old and not any trouble at all. She will eat anything and everything . She is the ultimate dogie garbage disposal . A loner mainly wants to be left alone and let her sleep. Then but not least is Bit(name has evolved over time) a Beagle/Dachshund/Jack Russell mix that is the ramrod of the trio, smart as a whip and knows how to get his way. Learned how to get to stay with me on the days that I am in the barber shop. Knows when I take a shower in the mornings that if he whines he gets to go to Hardee's to get two sausage biscuits for him and the other two dogs ... and this has got to be a ever morning thing. So the three together about wears us out by the time the week is over.... You know how it is , about like grandchildren spoil um and then send then home... Lets see this is Tuesday , just five more day till Saturday and they are gone.... Wheeeeeee!!!!


RACK ROOM said...

I found your blog.
You know you love the DOGS.
See you later
Love you Cindy

Jerry & Kerrie said...

Hey papa you had a house full!!! All the dogs love coming to mema and papa's.