Wednesday, November 7, 2007

2nd Day Construction

The second day of the project got under way pretty early. The first job was to build the other support wall and take out the original wall. This also called for a trip into the attic to reinforce the ceiling joist . When that was done the support beam was place in and the temporary wall jacks were removed . Then some trim work was done and is to be finished tomorrow . Also the cabinet man is supposed to be here and start on the bar. then the electrician is to be here Friday

so maybe in just a few more work days we might be finished . Will see how tomorrow goes..


Missed a few day of the remodeling ,but the electrians got here today and did the wiring that had been planed which included replacing some of the outlets and the thermostats that were in the wall that was taken out also they put in an overhead light and fan that the old living room did not have . Also they routed the cable for the television in the wall so that the wires are not seen and also hung the television on the wall with a wall bracket. All in all the day went well . The only problems were minor , misunderstanding where the tv was going and the worker cut one of the wires in the ceiling heat system that had to be replaced. They had to improvise on the lights that we had pick out to hang over the bar. With the beam at 14 inches below the ceiling there was not enough space to use the downrod so they had to mount them directly to the beam . No big problem and they look just fine ... about one more day work left repairing the floor and some trim work and we will have the job finished... we hope it will be soon , but have learned to expect the worker when we see them.... later..

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