Friday, November 23, 2007


The day started off real well , Mema was up early getting some of the food prepared . This year we are doing something a little different . In years passed we have not had a big day on Thanksgiving . Usuallly the children Cindy and Terry are elsewhere for Thanksgiving dinner so Delores usually eats dinner out with a friend and I stay home and start getting the Christmas decorations down and put up but, this year Terry's family was going to be at the beach because Andrew is playing in a golf tournament so Cindy and Mema decided to have Thanksgiving at our house, without all the cooking the turkey and ham and such so they ordered the dinner from a local restaurant here in Spartanburg . Which was a smart thing to do saved a lot of work on the ladies. Cindy and Rick got here pretty early and started helping Mema get things ready. Then Tommy and Cathy(Rick's Sister and brother-in-law) arrived with some pies and sweet potato yams. Soon Amanda and Les (Cathy and Tommy's daughter and son-in -law)arrived with Seth their 2 year old son . Then Larry a friend of the family arrived and Ashley our grand daughter and her boy friend Will arrived and we sat down to a great Thanksgiving Dinner.....

Picture ... L to R Rick , Cathy, Amanda and Ashley

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