Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Walls came down at the Halls

So now after 39 years we have decided to have the wall between the den/kitchen and the living room removed. When we moved into this house in 1968 the living room was the one room that we wait and took our time to chose just the right furniture ,so it was several years before it was furnished completely. The living room has served us well over the years it is where the Christmas tree that Mema decorates so beautifully stands. It is where we have for all these years passed out the presents . It is the place where most of the pictures were taken. The furniture is just as new as the day it was placed it in the room. Our house is a ranch style (as you can see from the pictures on our post) constructed like most in the 60's . Three bedrooms ,two baths, den/kitchen and living room. The Gold Medallion of the day. The trouble now is the living room hardly ever get used except on Christmas the rest of the time the door is usually closed. So to utilized the space we have decided to open it up and make a great room .We will have to get rid of some furniture and buys some new , but mostly it will be a matter of rearranging what we have. The plan now is to convert the den area into the dining area and the living room will be the den. I am sure it will take some time to get everything in the right place ,but Mema and Iare sure it will work out... Anyway the destruction starts Tuesday will keep you informed... Mema and Papa

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