Thursday, November 15, 2007

Typical Day at the Barber Shop

The work week starts on Tuesday morning at 8am and usually the first customer every otherTuesday is Mike pictured here. Been trimming Mike's locks since he was in middle school his dad was a patron and very close friend of mine for many years till he passed away several years back his name was Bud. Now I could count on Bud for about anything , running errands for me , he would stay at the shop if I had somewhere I had to go. He would stay and sometimes when I would return he would be sitting there talk to several customers that he had held there with the promise that I would be back shortly. Of course this was at another shop not where this shop is . He was a true and very loved and missed friend and of course when I see Mike I think of Bud. A little history started barbering in 1954 after about 18 months of barbering school. I worked at one shop with a man, who befriended me and was like a second father to me, and his son who was like a brother . Worked there for 20 years till 1974 and deceided it was time to operate my own shop. I bought a shop from a barber that was retiring and moved to that shop. This is where I first met Bud. Stayed there for 26 years till 2000 when I simi-retired to the shop here at the homestead. So I still have some customers that have started coming to the shop since I have been here and some that have been retained form the two other shops that I worked..

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