Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Walk in the Woods ( Camp Croft)

This time of the year there is an eerie feeling as you make your way on the trail in the woods. The only sound is the crunch of leave under foot. At this time of the year you can see more of the landscape than months when there is vegetation.

The walk today started at the trailhead on Dairy Ridge Road and walked down to the junction of the Palmetto Trail that runs along Fairforest Creek and back to Dairy Ridge Road. The hike is about three miles. Shot some pictures along the way that I will post to the blog..

One of the Tail Markers on the Palmetto Trail

An old WWII  Training Bunkers
showing the age of time

Follow the Blaze

You pass these boulders in the Summer
and never notice them.

Two pictures of an old bridge that
is slowly deteriorating.
I wonder where and who use this bridge
to go about their daily commute

Construction on the Dairy Ridge Road.
Will be nice when it is completed

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