Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Last Ride

Ride on my Friend.
My friend took one last ride today. A lonely ride , a solo ride.
I was not there but, I am sure he rode it easy in the saddle with his hand strong on the bars and his head high and firm facing the road ahead. John was that kind of a man . He faced the battles of this world like he did the rides that he rode. He had fought the good fight now he is riding to his reward. The bible tell us of all the beauties of heaven , the gates of pearl, the walls of jasper , the crystal sea, the many mansions, the streets of gold and so many treasures untold. The bible also tells us it will be a place of complete happiness . Happiness is doing what you love to do, so I am sure that happiness for John is to have that street of gold lead to a high mountain with hairpin curves so he can spend all eternity doing what he loved to do Ride… Goodbye my friend, and Ride,Ride,Ride

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