Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Cold Run at Croft State Park

January 17, 2009...6:02 pm
Running at Croft State Park
Running or jogging which ever you want to call it, is something that I have done for the last twenty years . I was already in my early 50 by that time. Was somewhat athletic out of high school and continue to play sports mostly baseball and softball till my late twenties , but was very inactive for the next 20 years . So started running and cycling as a way to get back to my younger days.
So today was a trail run in Croft State Park. We have had some rain in the last week or so and some of the trails were a little on the damp side to put it mildly. Ran about 6 miles and took a few photo shots along the way and here are a few.

Steve ahead on the trail

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The Rackroom Crew said...

Looks fun but cold Pop! Brrrr:)