Sunday, November 2, 2008



You know fall is here when the first frost is on the lawn, when the leaves start to change from that green to the vibrant shades of golden yellows and orange , to the sunset reds and browns like the sands of the beach. You also know when Fall is Here ,when you see pumpkins , ghosts and goblins, and kids Treat or Treating. When most people have packed their shorts away and the long pants are the style. when the steam rises from the heads of the players in the cool of the nighttime football game. You know Fall is Here when you see the harvest displays with bales of straw,pumpkins and Indian corn displayed through out the neighborhood. But I know Fall is Here when it is down to the final Cross Country Track Meets that are being held all around the country. I just love to run . Running is something I got into twenty or more years ago. Running was a way that I could stay in somewhat of a decent shape though the winter months when it was too cold to ride the bicycle. Over recent years I have been a little more dedicated to the running than that of biking tho I still love both. Just that time allows more opportunity for running , where biking take 3-4 hours for a good ride you can get a good work out running in just one to one and a half hours . This morning I went to Milliken Park which is a spacious area just about a mile north of town and about a mile from home that is owned by Roger Milliken who opens this beautiful grounds to the public. On the campus ,if you want to call it that , is about every species of trees you can think of . At this time of the year The Fall the colors are just breath taking.This was the setting for the Southern Conference Cross Country Championships. So thought I would post some pictures of the event .

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These guys and gals are fast... as a matter of note
I went back to the course today and ran the 5 mile men's course... Now the slowest male runner finished in just under 30 minutes . I ran the course in 1 hour and one minute... I was over twice as slow as the slowest male runner..
Like I said These Guys and Gals are Good....GWH

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