Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Family Snapshots

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Delores and Gaines

Delores and Gaines at Donnie's and Madaline's in Welford 1955

Gaines and Delores

Suzanne , Andrew and Terry

Cindy , Kerrie, Ashley and Rick
Gaines and Stan #9 and Melvin Hill Rd.

Gaines and Jeff at Melvin Hill Feb. 06
Mema , Christopher and Papa

Andrew and Christopher at Woodfin
Golf Course

Mema in the kitchen

Old school building at John dela Howe


Top L to R

Gaines 1959 ,Tom and Gaines in front Barber shop 1984
\Bottom Ashley and Delores . 1985 Gaines at the start of The Mount Mitchell Ride.1993

Ashley 1974 Bottom Picture Gaines front friend back... 1995 Max Patch near NC/Tenn Line


The Sparks said...

What a cute couple you two made and make! Was the second picture taken at Wofford?

Love to the two of you!

Celular said...
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